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Kickstart Your Growth with a Proven, Local Marketing Company

Your digital marketing agency should be the trusted partner that drives your success — not just a bill you pay every month. When you partner with WebTek, we bring our 20 years of experience as a web design and SEO agency to perform for your brand. Our internet marketing company has a track record of success in leading both large and small companies to greater exposure and explosive growth.

While our tactics may be digital and our ideas are cutting edge, our values of transparency and hard work are timeless. This combination is why clients choose WebTek and stay here. You have dozens of options for your Lancaster PA digital marketing agency — request a free consultation and discover how WebTek can build success with you.

SEO Marketing

You expect one thing from your SEO company: results. That’s exactly what WebTek delivers. While we’re a full-service digital marketing agency, our roots are firmly placed in our flagship search marketing services. Using a refined mix of on-site and off-site tactics, our SEO experts can position your website at the top of search rankings, locally or nationwide. Skillful and effective SEO strategies require precise implementation to pay off – but the return on investment is massive.

At Webtek, this type of marketing is our specialty. As an experienced SEO firm, we have earned page 1 rankings for hundreds of clients over the years – see our results for companies in a variety of industries. We’re the Lancaster PA SEO company that delivers results both locally and in national searches.


Advantages of SEO Marketing
SEO marketing has taken the spotlight as one of the most important customer acquisition channels. That’s no accident – after all, think about how you answer questions: you Google them. While pay per click advertising places your site at the very top of search rankings immediately, those positions only last as long as you keep spending.

Once your website has been optimized properly with expert SEO and you earn organic rankings, you’ll maintain your prominent positions – right in front of potential customers. In addition, studies show that internet users are far more likely to trust organic listings, local pack results, and featured snippets.
As a local SEO company, we specialize in the tactics that allow you to dominate the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search rankings for the keywords that matter most to your business. We help you capture and maintain your prominent position through our results-backed internet marketing campaigns. Contact our SEO experts today to discover how we can catapult you to the very top of those all-important searches.

You need both on-site and off-site SEO to be effective today. In Google’s complex algorithm years ago, it was estimated that rankings were influenced by about 80% on-site and about 20% off-site factors. Now-a-days, it is more like 30% on-site, 70% off-site. Off-site is important!

Basically, everything must look natural to Google. Off-site optimization is slow manual work and a long term investment. What works best is to invest a little amount of time each week into the marketing of your website. Avoid a marketing push, then sitting idle for a couple of months, then another campaign, etc. If you were to chart that, it would appear spiky and unnatural. Your virtual chart should reflect a gradual and consistent increase over time.

Similar to a strategic content marketing strategy, slow and steady wins the race. This is what we like to refer as building equity into your site. Another analogy we use is building roots throughout the internet. As time goes on, it will be harder and harder to get uprooted by performing this type of work. It is important to get those roots started and get them spreading.

SEO Consultant vs. SEO Firm
There are no magic formulas or shortcuts to prominent placements in Google, and you shouldn’t trust any old company or SEO consultant that promises you instantaneous page 1 placement.

In fact, making sure you’re working with a trusted and reputable SEO marketing agency is crucial. Some SEO consultants may attempt to take shortcuts to try to “trick” Google or other search engines to rank their clients. Not only are these tactics unethical, they can backfire and cause serious Google penalties that can result in a ranking drop and prove detrimental to your brand and future search rankings.

Additionally, another reason to trust a full-service SEO firm over a freelancer is that if you ever want to expand your services, we offer a full suite of digital marketing packages that complement our SEO plans.

As is the case with all things in marketing and business, work with a company you trust for the best results. We want you to have that feeling from WebTek. Our old-fashioned Lancaster County values are one of the reasons we’re proud to be a local SEO company in Lancaster PA.


Start the Conversation with the Best Local SEO Company
You want results from your local SEO company – and you want them at a competitive price that maximizes your marketing ROI. At WebTek, we are a cutting-edge SEO firm with a long track record of elevating our clients to prominent positions in both local and national searches. Our expert strategists help identify the most important Google searches for your business – and ensure that you’re found right where you need to be.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important tactics for being found by new customers in the 21st century. Now you have a partner to make it work for you.

Start the conversation about how SEO and other internet marketing can transform the way you build your brand and earn new customers! 

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